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Outpatient Opiate Addiction Treatment

Meet Dr. Tammy McBride

Opiate Addiction Specialist

Dr. Tammy McBride is a Board-Certified Family Medicine Physician. She has been practicing medicine since graduating from Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1999. She has been managing addiction treatment since March 2014. In her spare time she enjoys helping with patients and new admissions at a local addiction rehab center. Tammy regards her practice, her patients and their recovery as a very special part of her life. She strives to do everything in her power to keep her patients away from opiates, keep them clean during maintenance and then help them wean off the medication if possible. She remains dedicated to being accessible to her patients 24/7. She believes that her support no matter the time is very important for success and valued by those battling opiate addiction.

Meet Amelia

Why TRM Medical?

TRM Medical is an outpatient program for the treatment of opiate addiction, whether it is with prescription narcotics or Heroin. Buprenorphine treatment and addiction management is what we focus on by using Suboxone Film(or another medication depending on insurance) to accomplish this. This medication will block the patient’s mu receptors so that they do not have withdrawal symptoms and it will suppress their cravings. We are located in Spring Grove, Pennsylvania, which is between York and Hanover. Your first visit may last 1-2 hours, and this will most likely occur on a Monday morning. We will get you an appointment for the next available Monday if at all possible based on your schedule. After a comprehensive substance dependence assessment and evaluation visit with a nurse and the doctor, treatment expectations will be discussed and any questions will be answered. A urine sample will also be obtained. After the intake is completed then a prescription will be given to take to the pharmacy. Intake and induction will both occur at the first visit. Maintenance consists of monitoring the patient’s compliance and progress and helping with any difficulties along the way. We will also take care of any authorizations that are needed for prescriptions at the pharmacy and insurance.

What you stand to gain


Being drug free allows you to focus on your health both physically and mentally.


Becoming opiate free allows you to let the best parts of your true self return. Authenticity is key to stability.


Regain the ability to be in the moment. No more missing out on the things in life that matter most to you and your loved ones.

Family & Friends

Once committed to your treatment you can begin to rebuild your trust with those nearest to you. You will need a strong support system and mending relationships is a large part of your success. 


Work life can be greatly impacted by drug use. Being clean just might bring new opportunities to you.


Reduce the amount of stress in your life that comes along with addiction. Limiting stress can allow your body to heal.



“Doctor helped me get my life back. She treated me as a human with no judgements. She even took my calls at odd hours when I needed her. Doctor McBride will guide you through this!”

— Former Patient

Our Path

Opiate Addiction help


Initial Intake
& Consultation
Medical Prescription


Rock Balancing


Tree Planting


Nurse Taking Notes
Medically Supervised Withdrawal





Contact Info


(717) 674-5968

2030 Thistle Hill Drive, Suite 200
Spring Grove, PA 17362

(717) 479-8368

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