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TRM Medical is an outpatient program for the treatment of opiate addiction, whether it is with prescription narcotics or Heroin. Buprenorphine treatment and addiction management is what we focus on by using Suboxone Film to accomplish this. This medication will block the patient’s mu receptors so that they do not have withdrawal symptoms and it will suppress their cravings. We are located in Spring Grove, Pennsylvania, which is between York and Hanover. Your first visit may last 1-2 hours, and this will occur on a Monday morning. We will get you an appointment for the next available Monday if at all possible based on your schedule. After a comprehensive substance dependence assessment and evaluation visit with a nurse and the doctor, treatment expectations will be discussed and any questions will be answered. A urine sample will also be obtained. After the
intake is completed then a prescription will be given to take to the pharmacy. Intake and induction will both occur at the first visit. Maintenance consists of monitoring the patient’s compliance and progress and helping with any difficulties along the way. We will also take care of any
authorizations that need to be done for prescriptions at the pharmacy and insurance.

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